We are a specialist Tour Travel operator agency that provide bespoke holiday packages around the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Using our intimate and local knowledge we will ensure that you discover all of the unmissable tourist highlights and local attractions during your vacation on the island of Sumatra. Wherever & whenever you travel in Sumatra – we’ll be here for you, to provide authentic, innovative, stress free & utterly unforgettable experiences.

SPICE UP your Holiday Travel in Sumatra with LITE ‘N’ EASY Tour!


The island of Sumatra is a luring gateway of spectacular travel destinations throughout Indonesia and Asia.

Sumatra offers countless experiences with unforgettable locations and cultures. Your vacation in Sumatra will uncover an array of fascinating places and a huge variety of things to do and see during your stay.

We can build a personal itinerary matched to your interests, but here are just some of the highlights of interesting places around Sumatra;

Things to do and see with many tourists highlights and different interesting places around Sumatra;

West Sumatra ; Padang, Bukittinggi, Maninjau Lake, Pagaruyung Palace Minangkabau, Harau Valley, Rafflesia Flower, Marapi volcano climbing, Twin Lake Solok, Old coal town Sawahlunto, Pacu Jawi Bull Race Tanah Datar Batusangkar, white sandy beaches Padang.

North Sumatra; Medan, Orang utan Bukit Lawang, Elephant ride & bath at Tangkahan, Sibayak volcano climbing Karo highland Berastagi, Batak Samosir Island Lake Toba

Aceh; Pulau Weh, Pulau Banyak, Banda Aceh, Lake Laut Tawar Takengon, Orang utang jungle trekking Ketambe

Jambi;  Mount Kerinci volcano climbing, mount Gunung Tujuh, Kerinci Lake, Orang Rimba / Kubu Tribe as well as Bengkulu and Musi River Palembang (South Sumatra).


Lite ‘N’ Easy have been providing domestic and international visitors with many different holiday tour package options around the island of Sumatra. We pride ourselves in our safety and meticulous organisation – so that you can sit back and enjoy stress free holiday travel.Sumatra is the gorgeous gateways to Wonderful Holidays

Our unique and authentic tour trips around Sumatra are filled with high-quality experiences that are each hand-crafted by our local tour guides with great attention to detail.

All you have to do is let us know your preferences (interests and destinations) and we will do the rest!  Whether it’s a personal chauffeur to take the stress out of travelling around or more specific ideas you may have – we can help. If you want some ideas of where to visit, take a look at our proposed tours listed on the HOLIDAY TOUR TRAVEL PACKAGES page.


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