MINANGKABAU Tour West Sumatra Countryside

Istana Pagaruyung Palace Minangkabau culture Batusangkar Tanah Datar West Sumatra

The travel package of Minangkabau tour WEST Sumatra around Indonesia is going to discover more about Minangkabau culture, traditions, unique houses. Explore the magnificent tourist attractions and interesting places around Batusangkar – Tanah Datar district, West Sumatra Matrilineal highland. And also the beautiful landscape terraced paddy field surroundings Mount Marapi and…

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MANINJAU LAKE Tour West Sumatra Countryside

kelok 44 danau maninjau lake padang west sumatera

The holiday package of Maninjau Lake tour WEST Sumatra Indonesia is about to explore the fascinating countryside surrounding Maninjau Lake. The 1 day tour starts from Bukittinggi to discover beautiful landscapes all along the way down to Maninjau Lake. On the way to this stunning volcanic lake you will experience…

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HARAU VALLEY Tour West Sumatra Countryside

Harau Valley Payakumbuh 50 Kota West Sumatra Indonesia

One day trip to explore Payakumbuh (50 Kota) and discover the hidden beauty, Harau Valley tour West Sumatra. Harau Valley is one of Indonesia’s stunning natural jewels and most famous interesting places in West Sumatra. Known locally as Lembah Harau, it is a designated nature conservation area that will instantly capture…

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RAFFLESIA Arnoldii Coffee LUWAK West Sumatra jungle trek tours

Half day trip to discover the biggest flower on earth, Rafflesia Arnoldii Coffee Luwak, authentic traditional organic Coffee Luwak. It is one of the most popular highlights of interesting things to do and see during your holidays in Indonesia. To explore Rafflesia Arnoldii Flower Bukittinggi Sumatra jungle trekking tours and…

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