RAFFLESIA Arnoldii Flower

The Gigantic Rafflesia Arnoldii SUMATRA Jungle Flower The rarest parasite plant in the world of Rafflesia Arnoldii Sumatra giant flower is commonly called the corpse lily and known as Bunga Raksasa Padma in Indonesia which is on the verge of its extinction. Rafflesia Arnoldii blooming seasons Rafflesia flower might bloom all…

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paragliding puncak lawang maninjau lake west sumatra indonesia

FunTastic Paragliding experience flying above Maninjau Lake at Puncak Lawang Puncak Lawang is also a worldwide well known site for professional paragliding. It is one of the best spots in Indonesia for Paragliding / Parasailing. Anyone who is interested in trying, even for beginner can easily give a try as…

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PAGARUYUNG Palace | Minangkabau

Istana Pagaruyung Palace Minangkabau culture Batusangkar Tanah Datar West Sumatra

The Royal Palace Pagaruyung Minangkabau Culture Pagaruyung Palace is locally called as Rumah Gadang. It has three stories, 72 pillars with typical shape of a horn-like curved roof top made from the black thatch fibres of palm sugar tree. The entire wall of the palace is fully handcarved with typical…

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Ngarai Sianok Canyon Bukit Tinggi West Sumatra

The Fascinating Green Grand Sianok Canyon Bukittinggi The most fascinating highlight of interesting places to visit in Sumatra is Sianok Canyon, known as the ‘landmark’ of Bukittinggi tourism where this is the only green grand canyon situated in the middle of the city.  The breathtaking grand Sianok Canyon is just…

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HARAU VALLEY | West Sumatra

Harau Valley Payakumbuh 50 Kota West Sumatra Indonesia

The enchanting ambiance of Harau Valley countryside. Harau valley is the highlight of Sumatra tour destinations enriched with varieties of interesting places to see and do during holidays in Sumatra. As soon as reaching the entrance of the Harau Valley, you will be accompanied by spectacular beautifully steep granite and…

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danau maninjau lake bukittinggi padang west sumatera

The tranquilizing Caldera of Maninjau Lake West Sumatra. Maninjau crater is a remarkable tourist attractions in West Sumatra with inspiring scenic beauty scenery, peaceful surrounds, mild climate. To be around Maninjau Lake certainly encourages lazy days of reading, fishing, and recovering leg muscles after a long journey. Especially to escape…

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JAM GADANG (Clock Tower)

The unique historical Clock Tower – Jam Gadang The other highlights of tourist attractions in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra as the Jam Gadang (Clock Tower) is the icon of Bukittinggi tourism. The tower has got four clocks made in Recklinghausen Germany by Bernard Vortmann and was shipped via Rotterdam. Each clock…

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puncak lawang maninjau bukit tinggi west sumatra

The mesmerizing Panorama Maninjau Lake at Puncak Lawang Top A visit to West Sumatra, especially to Maninjau Lake is not complete without visiting “Puncak Lawang” (Lawang Top). The breath-taking scenic view is far beyond any description of words and is one of the most popular holiday destination in West Sumatra….

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