Ngarai Sianok Canyon Bukit Tinggi West Sumatra

The Fascinating Green Grand Sianok Canyon Bukittinggi The most fascinating highlight of interesting places to visit in Sumatra is Sianok Canyon, known as the ‘landmark’ of Bukittinggi tourism where this is the only green grand canyon situated in the middle of the city.  The breathtaking grand Sianok Canyon is just…

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HARAU VALLEY | West Sumatra

Harau Valley Payakumbuh 50 Kota West Sumatra Indonesia

The enchanting ambiance of Harau Valley countryside. Harau valley is the highlight of Sumatra tour destinations enriched with varieties of interesting places to see and do during holidays in Sumatra. As soon as reaching the entrance of the Harau Valley, you will be accompanied by spectacular beautifully steep granite and…

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JAM GADANG (Clock Tower)

The unique historical Clock Tower – Jam Gadang The other highlights of tourist attractions in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra as the Jam Gadang (Clock Tower) is the icon of Bukittinggi tourism. The tower has got four clocks made in Recklinghausen Germany by Bernard Vortmann and was shipped via Rotterdam. Each clock…

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PUNCAK LAWANG Maninjau Lake WEST Sumatra Indonesia

puncak lawang maninjau bukit tinggi west sumatra

A visit to West Sumatra Indonesia is not complete especially without visiting the magnificent panorama Puncak Lawang Maninjau Volcanic Lake. Besides the beautiful scenery, other various outdoors activities you can also do around here such as Paragliding / Parachutting, Zip Lining, etc. This famous travel highlight around Minangkabau Matrilineal Highland…

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Harau Valley Trek Payakumbuh 50 Kota West Sumatra Tourism highlights

Explore the lush jungle and discover the hidden paradise of Harau Valley Experience the terrific panoramic view of Harau Valley by jungle trekking / hiking surrounding the valley up to the top of the ranged of mountain as it feels a lot more  majestic seeing the scenery from up high…

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LAWANG Village

Lawang Village West Sumatra Traditional Brown Sugar Cane

The famous traditional brown sugar village An agricultural village well known for its sugar cane, peanuts and pumpkin. You might see and experience bumping into some farmers that produce traditional sugar brown with a blind-fold buffalo used as their machine to squeeze the juice of sugar can and boiled the…

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Harau Valley Countrysode walk Payakumbuh 50 Kota West Sumatra Tourism Highlights

Discover the hidden panorama at Harau Valley surroundings Take some time for a lovely short walk / hike to explore the true life in the surrounding village with pleasant fresh air and authentic life style with different sight-seeings. Take the chance to see more clearly the vastness of the valley,…

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MARAPI Volcano Climbing

Mount Marapi Volcano Climbing Bukittinggi West Sumatra

Reach the summit Mount Marapi Volcano (Climbing) Gunung Marapi (Marapi Volcano) Bukittinggi, West Sumatra is an active volcano elevated around 2.890m absl. Mount climber lovers associated Mount Marapi as one of  most popular Sumatra highlights to climb up. The lovely trail is straight forward, extremely easy to do and make…

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