PUNCAK LAWANG Maninjau Lake WEST Sumatra Indonesia

puncak lawang maninjau bukit tinggi west sumatra

A visit to West Sumatra Indonesia is not complete especially without visiting the magnificent panorama Puncak Lawang Maninjau Volcanic Lake. Besides the beautiful scenery, other various outdoors activities you can also do around here such as Paragliding / Parachutting, Zip Lining, etc. This famous travel highlight around Minangkabau Matrilineal Highland…

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LAWANG Village

Lawang Village West Sumatra Traditional Brown Sugar Cane

The famous traditional brown sugar village An agricultural village well known for its sugar cane, peanuts and pumpkin. You might see and experience bumping into some farmers that produce traditional sugar brown with a blind-fold buffalo used as their machine to squeeze the juice of sugar can and boiled the…

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KELOK 44 Maninjau Lake Hairpin road

kelok 44 bukittinggi maninjau lake west sumatera

The very well-known Kelok 44 is absolutely a kind of scenic hairpin bends road that descends down to Maninjau Lake. The hairpin road itself is about 9km length which starts from the top of Ambun Pagi village to Maninjau village. And this is the only accessible main road if coming…

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