orangutan tours sumatra indonesia

Sumatran Orangutan Bukit Lawang The Wild Orangutans in Indonesia are distinctively found throughout Sumatra and Borneo (Kalimantan) jungle. The populations of world’s largest mammal ‘Orangutan’ have got drastically declined in both jungle of Sumatra and Borneo (Kalimantan) over the last decades. BUKIT LAWANG | Gunung Leuser National park. The widespread…

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RAFFLESIA Arnoldii Flower

The Gigantic Rafflesia Arnoldii SUMATRA Jungle Flower The rarest parasite plant in the world of Rafflesia Arnoldii Sumatra giant flower is commonly called the corpse lily and known as Bunga Raksasa Padma in Indonesia which is on the verge of its extinction. Rafflesia Arnoldii blooming seasons Rafflesia flower might bloom all…

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Sumatran Elephant Riding

Tangkahan ELEPHANT Riding North Sumatra Riding the elephant with talented mahouts is one of the main purposes of people to visit Tangkahan in Langkat district North Sumatra which has become the most famous tourist attractions in this village located around 3 hours drive from Bukit Lawang and 5 hours from…

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Sumatran Elephant Washing

Tangkahan Elephant Washing | Bathing North Sumatra Besides elephant riding at Tangkahan, Elephant washing is also another great opportunity and lovely experience to get in touch with splendid sensational feeling of Sumatra elephant’s behaviour & body. You will eventually experience how to bathe the elephants and calves while observing their…

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paragliding puncak lawang maninjau lake west sumatra indonesia

FunTastic Paragliding experience flying above Maninjau Lake at Puncak Lawang Puncak Lawang is also a worldwide well known site for professional paragliding. It is one of the best spots in Indonesia for Paragliding / Parasailing. Anyone who is interested in trying, even for beginner can easily give a try as…

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PAGARUYUNG Palace | Minangkabau

Istana Pagaruyung Palace Minangkabau culture Batusangkar Tanah Datar West Sumatra

The Royal Palace Pagaruyung Minangkabau Culture Pagaruyung Palace is locally called as Rumah Gadang. It has three stories, 72 pillars with typical shape of a horn-like curved roof top made from the black thatch fibres of palm sugar tree. The entire wall of the palace is fully handcarved with typical…

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SIBAYAK Volcano Climbing

Mount Sibayak Volcano Climbing Berastagi Mount (Gunung) Sibayak (2100m) is one of the most popular volcanoes to climb in Indonesia as well as the most accessible volcanoes which is relatively easy lovely to climb and therefore has been a tourist attraction since long time ago. Lovely Sibayak Volcano Hiking The…

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ROCK CLIMBING | Harau Valley

Rock Climbing Harau Valley Payakumbuh West Sumatra Tourist Attractions

Adventure rock climbing at the giant steep wall of Harau Valley A perfect spot for Rock climbing lovers either for beginner or expert. The steep rock walls here are not only a natural invitation to photographers, but they also attract rock climbers who consider climbing these steep walls a significant…

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