Overland NORTH and WEST Sumatra 1 Week Itinerary | Extra QUICKY holiday package to completely discover Sumatran ORANGUTAN Indonesia

TOUR CODE: LNE-OS-07-01 is an EXTRA SUPER QUICKY OVERLAND Sumatra 1 week itinerary to explore NORTH – WEST Sumatra tourism Indonesia. Discover ORANGUTAN Bukit Lawang HALF Day JUNGLE TREK, Berastagi, Samosir Island, Bukittinggi, Harau Valley, Minangkabau Highland, Padang. Stay 1night BUKIT LAWANG, 2n Lake TOBA, 1n PADANG SIDEMPUAN, 1n BUKITTINGGI, 1n HARAU VALLEY.

NORTH and WEST Sumatra 1 Week Itinerary Extra QUICKY holiday package to completely discover Sumatra Indonesia 7 days Overland tour.

Combination of NORTH Sumatra tour highlights (Orangutan Bukit Lawang Jungle trekking, Samosir Island Lake Toba)  & WEST Sumatra (Bukittinggi, Harau Valley, Batusangkar Tanah Datar – Minangkabau Pagaruyung Palace, Padang)



DAY 1 : Medan Downtown or Kuala Namu Airport to Bukit Lawang | NORTH Sumatra.

Our team work will come to pick you up either from hotel in Medan City or Kuala Namu International Airport. The ideal time to start 1 week itinerary holiday in Sumatra is around 08h00 (8am), then we proceed driving heading straight to Bukit Lawang – Bahorok.

Orangutans in Bukit Lawang have become the most popular tourist attractions in North Sumatra region, Indonesia. It is one of the most interesting places, perfectly situated along the border of Gunung Leuser National Park. Finally reaching Bukit Lawang after driving around 4 to 5 hours’ drive, we then check in hotel straight away.

HALF day Sumatran Orangutan Jungle Trekking – Bukit Lawang | NORTH Sumatra.

Our following exciting activity after lunch break is to explore Bukit Lawang rain forest, Gunung Leuser National Park. It takes around 3to4 hour’s jungle trek to discover the gorgeous Sumatran Orangutans which is quite doable and suitable at any age.

Our eco-friendly with safety priority jungle tours certainly will be guided by our well experienced Orangutan’s tour guide teams. During the trekking itself, you might have some opportunities (NO guarantee) to catch some glimpse of any other animals’ life. Such as ; Thomas Leaf Monkeys, Siamangs / Black Gibbons, Pig-tail and Long-tail Macaques, Horn-bills, Peacocks, owls and varieties of flora fauna that inhabit Gunung Leuser National Park.

We continue further to explore the rain forest by descending down to Bahorok river bank to end jungle trek tour. Then we carry on another exciting FunTastic adventurous river tubing in the lovely stream of Bahorok river. Drifting yourselves on such a leisure river tubing trip heading back to Bukit Lawang would be such an unforgettable remarkable experience. The Fun Safety River Tubing itself takes about 30 minutes in the water navigated by our well experienced tubing navigator. The river tubing tour trip itself is obviously very safedoable and suitable for any age. Finally we return to your hotel to enjoy the marvellous noon in Bukit Lawang.

DAY 2 – Bukit Lawang to Samosir Island – Toba Lake (Long Drive) | NORTH Sumatra.

On our way to Lake Toba, coffee break will be at Panorama Pamah Simelir hill after about 2.5hours’ drive. Then we proceed travelling around the magnificent landscape of Sinabung Volcano Berastagi countryside area. We carry on driving to Berastagi Karo highland, the famous enchanting panoramic landscape Sinabung and Sibayak volcanoes for lunch break.

Our journey continues to visit the ancient Dokan Village, the famous authentic traditional Batak Karo village. After that we proceed driving to a fabulous tourist attraction around NORTH Sumatra, visiting the charming Sipiso-piso waterfallIt is such an amazing landscape with Samosir Island and Lake Toba panorama background. Later on we proceed driving to the King Purba Palace, the ancient BolonHouse at Simalungun regency. Then our coffee break will be at Panorama Simarjarunjung while enjoying the Northern Toba Lake view and surrounding mountains landscape. Our trip will proceed to Tiga Ras Jetty or Parapat Jetty to get a ferry/boat across Samosir Island  – Toba Lake. Finally we check in hotel around noon time at Toba Lake – Samosir Island.

DAY 3 – Samosir Island (Lake Toba) Cultural Tour | NORTH Sumatra.

Our Toba Lake tour starts by visiting the most famous tour highlights around Samosir Island. “The King Siallagan” Stone chair ancient courtyard site situated at Ambarita village, overwhelmed with typical Bolon houses will be our first stop. And after that we will visit Simanindo village to watch the performance of Batak Toba traditional dancing. Later on, our lunch break will be around Tuktuk area.

After that we continue to visit Tomok village to see the ancient tombs (sarcophagus) of King Sidabutar graves yard site. We will continue further to Panorama Parhalow (Sigarantung) to have a lovely coffee break with magnificent southern Panorama of Samosir Island Lake Toba. Finally we return to hotel as soon as we are done with all the highlights. 

Free program during noon time and certainly be on your own leisure. Might be relaxing, reading by the lake side or swimming would be a great idea. Perhaps having traditional massage would absolutely be such a FunTastic choice whilst enjoying the lovely noon.

DAY 4  (Lake Toba – Samosir Island) PARAPAT to BUKITTINGGI – Stay overnight in Padang Sidempuan | NORTH Sumatra.

Your OVERLAND SUMATRA 1 week itinerary holiday trip around NORTH region will go on further to explore WEST Sumatra Indonesia. This trip ideally starts at 07h30(7.30am) from your hotel around Samosir Island taking a boat crossing Lake Toba to Parapat. We will stay overnight in Padang Sidempuan city on our halfway to Bukittinggi (Padang).

Along the transit journey, we will visit Balige traditional market with its typical Batak Toba rooftop house. And after that a short coffee break will be at Panorama Gurgur, the southern panorama Lake Toba. Then another 1 hour drive to Tarutung (known as the religious Christian town) for our lunch break. We continue driving for about 2hours’ to Sipirok village for a short coffee break at a lovely mountainous village. Finally we will travel farther around 90 minutes’ drive and check in hotel in Padang Sidempuan late at noon.

DAY 5  Padang Sidempuan to Bukittinggi | WEST Sumatra.

From North Sumatra we will travel further to West Sumatra, along the journey we will stop at some interesting places. Coffee break will be at Sihepeng village, it is such a mini botanical garden where you can see varieties of typical Sumatran spices grow around here. Then we will continue driving to Kotanopan village surrounded by rice fields for lunch break. After that we will carry on our journey farther crossing the border between North and West Sumatra province.  

After reaching West Sumatra region, we will have a short break at natural Panti hot spring. Then we continue to stop at the Bonjol Equator Lane, Sumatra. We continue driving further to Bukittinggi which takes around 90 minutes drive to finally check in hotel at late noon.

DAY 6 – Minangkabau Countryside Tour to Harau Valley | WEST Sumatra.

Minangkabau tour will discover more about Minangkabau culture, traditional houses, traditions and etc around Batusangkar Tanah Datar district. We will start the journey to visit Pandai Sikek Village, to see local people make traditional hand weaving (songket) and wood carving (ukiran kayu) with typical Minangkabau style and designs.

Then we carry on to Batipuah village to visit an old building of Minangkabau mosque (called “Surau”) with its original Minangkabau architecture. And then our coffee break will at Singkarak Lake. After that we proceed visiting another tourist attraction, Balimbiang village to see old traditional Minangkabau houses. Especially Rumah Tuo Kampai Nan Panjang which was built without any nails and thatched roof top with buffalo horn shape.

Finally our late lunch will be at a lovely restaurant surrounded with terraced paddy fields landscape at Sungai Tarok village. Then we continue driving to Batusangkar to visit Istana Pagaruyuang Palace, the fascinating Minangkabau traditional big house. Proceed driving to Panorama Tabek Patah for a lovely coffee break. Finally we continue driving about 90 minutes and check in at ABDI Homestay Harau Valley late noon.

DAY 7 – Harau Valley countryside walk and continue to Padang Airport | WEST Sumatra.

Early in the morning after breakfast, we will take a lovely walk to explore Harau Valley countryside (start at 08h00 or 8am). Around 11h00 or 11am, we return to homestay to check out and start driving to Padang Airport. Our lunch break will be along the way to Padang. After that we will take a short break at Anai Valley waterfall located just along the main road. And then our coffee break will be at Panorama Kiambang coffee shop and then proceed driving to Padang Airport. Estimated time to reach Padang Airport is around 17h00 or 5pm.

It is also possible to drive around Padang downtown if you still have a bit of extra time before heading back to Padang Airport.

From Bandara Minangkabau International Airport Padang, you can fly (either from or to) : Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Bali, Batam, Pekan Baru and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


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