Pacu Jawi PADANG (Airport) – 1 day BULL RACE tour package to Tanah Datar – Batusangkar West Sumatra

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One day return trip (BULL RACE) Pacu Jawi PADANG tour to TANAH DATAR – BATUSANGKAR West Sumatra, Indonesia. The Bull race or Pacu Jawi tour starts from Padang or Minangkabau International Airport and return to Padang on the same day. This spectacular traditional sport of Minangkabau Highland culture is available every Saturday only.

1 day PACU JAWI Bull Race package tour – Return trip from PADANG (Airport) to Batusangkar (Tanah Datar) West Sumatra.

Tour Code : LNE-PJ-01-02

Start from Padang Airport at 07h30 – Return to Padang Airport at 19h00.

Travel Itinerary

(Bull Race) Pacu Jawi tour Tanah Datar – Batusangkar starts from Padang city or Minangkabau International Airport and return to Padang city on the same day. Firstly our tour guide will pick you up from Airport or the nearby hotel you stay around Padang, West Sumatra. Then we will drive straight to Pacu Jawi village in Batusangkar Tanah Datar which takes approximately 4 hours’ drive.

Certainly along the way we will also have a short break at the scenic Anai Valley waterfall. And then we will drive further to visit Pagaruyung Palace, the most well-known tourism icon of Minangkabau Culture in West Sumatra. Lunch break will be at Sungai Tarok village with fascinating terraced rice field ambiance.

After that we continue to Pacu Jawi Bull race village to experience the spectacular culture of Minangkabau traditional sport. The Bull Race arena itself is extremely muddy rice fields which causes splashes to the viewers along the sides of the rice field arena. That’s why Pacu Jawi Bull race celebration is indeed a great event opportunity for photography to take the great shots.

The Pacu Jawi race starts around 12h30 & finishes around 15h30. And finally we will travel back straight to Padang (takes about 4 hours’ drive) to return to your hotel or Minangkabau International Airport.

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