MINANGKABAU Tour West Sumatra Countryside

The travel package of Minangkabau tour WEST Sumatra around Indonesia is going to discover more about Minangkabau culture, traditions, unique houses. Explore the magnificent tourist attractions and interesting places around Batusangkar – Tanah Datar district, West Sumatra Matrilineal highland. And also the beautiful landscape terraced paddy field surroundings Mount Marapi and Sago Volcano.

1 Day Tour to Explore the fascinating cultural Matrilineal Highland of MINANGKABAU – WEST Sumatra Holiday Travel Package.

Tour Code : LNE-WS-01-01

Start from Bukittinggi at 08h00 – return to Bukittinggi at 18h00.

Tour Itinerary.

Firstly our cultural tour start heading to a charming landscape village, Pandai Sikek. A very well-known village for its delicate traditional hand weaving called as Songket. And it is also very famous for its impressive traditional wood carvings that you will see later on the surrounding wall of Pagaruyung Palace.

And secondly we move onto Batipuah village, about 45 minutes drive from Pandai Sikek. This village is famous for its old mosque (“Surau”), a truly authentic piece of Minangkabau architecture.  It has a gorgeous bull horn shaped roof top, decorated with beautiful carvings and other typical Minangkabau designs.

After that is a lovely scenic spot at Sungai Tarok village (Sungai Tarab) where we will stop for lunch break to enjoy the tasty Minang cuisines while enjoying the magnificent terraced paddy fields landscape.

And further 30minutes’ drive takes us to the most popular tourist attraction in West Sumatra, the (Istana) Pagaruyuang Palace, Batusangkar. Astonishingly the interior and exterior of this huge impressive traditional building is carved with Minangkabau designs. Therefore it is truly such a charming icon of West Sumatra tourism and this is certainly a must-see highlight.

After that we proceed another 30 minutes onto another tourist attraction at Balimbiang (Belimbing) village, to see the old traditional Minangkabau houses. Most importantly Rumah Tuo Kampai Nan Panjang, which was built without any nails and with a thatched horn bull roof top.

Finally, on the way back, we’ll stop for a well-earned coffee break at Singkarak lake. From here it’s only around 60-90 minutes’ drive back to return to your hotel in Bukittinggi and end the trip.

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