RAFFLESIA Arnoldii Coffee LUWAK West Sumatra jungle trek tours

Half day trip to discover the biggest flower on earth, Rafflesia Arnoldii Coffee Luwak, authentic traditional organic Coffee Luwak. It is one of the most popular highlights of interesting things to do and see during your holidays in Indonesia. To explore Rafflesia Arnoldii Flower Bukittinggi Sumatra jungle trekking tours and experience the rarest tourist attraction traditional organic Coffee Luwak.

RAFFLESIA ARNOLDII Flower Sumatra Jungle Trek and Traditional Organic COFFEE LUWAK Tour.

Tour Code : LNE-WS-01-04

Start from Bukittinggi at 08h00 – End in Bukittinggi at 13h00.

Travel Itinerary

This gigantic Rafflesia Arnoldii flower Sumatra is rarely found now days and in the edge of getting extinct. To see this flower we have to do jungle trekking in Sumatra damped rainforest. Firstly we will drive to the Rafflesia Village which is about 30 minutes away from the outskirt of Bukittinggi. And as soon as we reach the village, then we will start our jungle trek tour to discover the giant flower.

The Rafflesia Arlnoldii flower Jungle trekking tour itself might roughly take 60 minutes’ trek to 3 hours. Therefore the distance and duration of the jungle trekking depends on where the flower is currently blooming. And it depends on the weather, if more rains, the trails will be quite slippery which might take longer time. After we finish experiencing witnessing the Rafflesia flower in the jungle, then we will slowly return to the starting point.

Anyway, before heading our directions back to Bukittinggi, it would be nice to have a leisure break at a local house. By experiencing having a cup of traditional organic Coffee Luwak, traditionally made by the women local community in that village. Finally we proceed driving back to Bukittinggi to return to your hotel which takes another 30 minutes drive.

Meanwhile after lunch time, you will have your free time by doing things on your own leisure and interests. Such as; an easy walk to the traditional market Pasar Bawah and visit Jam Gadang (Clock Tower) Bukittinggi. Or you can even explore the magnificent Sianok Canyon Bukittinggi. The choice is all yours.

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