Padang to Harau Valley – Bukittinggi | 3 days Tours West Sumatra Travel Package Indonesia

TOUR CODE : LNE-WS-03-02 is a lovely 3 days combination West Sumatra travel package tour  from Padang to Harau Valley. Stay 1 night in Bukittinggi and another 1 night around (Lembah) Harau Valley West Sumatera, Indonesia. And the journey starts either from Padang Downtown or Minangkabau Airport. This package is mainly to explore Bukittinggi Harau Valley surroundings.

3d2n tours Padang to Harau Valley – Bukittinggi – WEST Sumatra Travel Package Indonesia.


Interesting places and tourist attractions (highlights) to see during this tours :

Day 1
  • Padang Airport
  • Panorama
  • Anai Valley Waterfall
  • Pandai Sikek
  • Bukittinggi (check in hotel)
Day 2
  • Batipuah Village
  • Singkarak Lake
  • Balimbiang village
  • Sungai Tarok village
  • Pagaruyung Palace
  • Panorama Tabek Patah
  • Harau Valley (check in hotel)
Day 3
  • Harau Valley Countryside walk
  • Ngalau Cave
  • Sungai Pua Village
  • Return to Padang Airport


DAY 1 – Padang Airport to Bukittinggi

  • Suggested the latest time to start the tour around 11h00 – End around 17h00.

Either picks up from Minangkabau International Airport or your hotel nearby Padang and proceed the trip to Bukittinggi straight away. Firstly coffee break at Panorama Kiambang after 90minutes’ drive while enjoying the splendid view and getting your muscles stretched out.

After that we go on to the green scenery of Anai Valley nature reserve for a short visit at the waterfall. Another 1 hour drive further to visit Pandai Sikek Village to see local people make traditional hand weaving and wood carving. Finally we continue driving to Bukittinggi for about 1 hour drive to check in your hotel.

DAY 2 – Bukittinggi – Minangkabau Tour – Harau Valley

  • Start around 08h00 – End around 18h00.

Starting our tour by visiting Panorama Park to see the whole fascinating view of Sianok Canyon Bukittinggi. Proceed driving to Batipuah village to see the old building of Minangkabau mosque (called as ‘Surau’) with its original architecture. Then continue driving to Singkarak lake for a short marvellouscoffee break. Our journey continues to visit Balimbiang village, to see old traditional lovely architecture of Minangkabau houses. Especially “Rumah Tuo Kampai Nan Panjang” which was built without any single nails and thatched roof top. And lunch break will be at Pondok Flora restaurant surrounded with amazing terraced paddy fields landscape at Sungai Tarok village.

Then we proceed driving to Batusangkar to visit the most famous tourist highlights around Minangkabau Highland West Sumatra. “Istana Pagaruyung Palace” the most fascinating Minangkabau traditional big or long house (locally called as “Rumah Gadang or Rumah Bagonjong”). Later on we continue driving to Panorama Tabek Patah for a superb coffee break while enjoying the enchanting terraced paddy field landscape surrounded by Bukit Barisan Range Mountains. And another  90 minutes’ drive to finally reach Harau Valley and check in hotel.

DAY 3 – Harau Valley to Padang Airport

  • Start around 08h00 – End around 17h30.

By the way, if you are keen on a short countryside walk around Harau valley, this would certainly be such a great opportunity to explore the hidden beauty beneath Harau Valley, such as waterfalls, natural life etc for about 3 hours walk. Another option to explore Harau Valley is by taking Tuk Tuk (auto rickshaw or 3 wheels motorbike taxi). However it actually saves up more time during your short 3 days tour in West Sumatra region. And finally we return to home-stay, pack up your belongings and by 11h00 start heading to Padang.

It would be an awesome experience on our way to Padang having a stop at Ngalau Cave in Payakumbuh town. It is such an amazing experience to explore the stalactite and stalagmite cave. Lunch break will be somewhere along the road. Then the journey proceeds to Padang by driving along the side of panoramic agricultural Sungai Pua village located along the slope of Marapi Volcano.

We finally travel further straight to Padang downtown or drop you off at Minangkabau Airport. And it will eventually be the end of your holiday trips in Sumatra Indonesia with LITE N EASY Tour.


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