LITE ‘N’ EASY Sumatra tours have been providing domestic and international visitors with many different vacation tour package options around the island of Sumatra. We pride ourselves in our safety and meticulous organisation – so that you can sit back and enjoy stress free holiday travel.

Authentic Tours – Impressive Travel Itinerary

Our unique and authentic tour trips around Sumatra are filled with high-quality experiences that are each hand-crafted by our local tour guides with great attention to detail.

Find your Sumatra Holiday Packages

All you have to do is let us know your preferences (interests and destinations) and we will do the rest!  Whether it’s a personal chauffeur to take the stress out of travelling around or more specific ideas you may have – we can help.

And if anything you’d like to ask us, please feel free and do NOT hesitate to contact us for any further info and discussions.

Choices of FunTastic Sumatra Vacation Package with varieties of travel itineraries and beautiful destinations.


Tours around Padang – Bukittinggi – Maninjau Lake – Harau Valley – Rafflesia Arlnodlii.

The land of Minangkabau people is very famous for their matrilineal system. You will be amazed by Sianok Canyon Bukittinggi, magnificent scenery along Harau Valley, Rafflesia Arnoldii, the tranquilized beach of Lake Maninjau,Indigenous Mentawai Tribe as well as the astonishing Pagaruyung Palace of Batusangkar.


Medan Tours – Samosir Island Lake Toba Travel packages – Orang Utan Bukit Lawang –  Tangkahan Elephant – Berastagi.

Fulfill the imaginations of your journey along with diversities of flora fauna, lush vegetation and wilderness of dense tropical jungles, beautiful tropical panoramas, magnificent terraced rice fields with different dynamic landscapes, gigantic lake, awesome waterfalls, giant volcanoes & traditions (music, dance, folk arts),etc.

PACU JAWI Tanah Datar – Batusangkar

Batusangkar (Cow race/Bull race) Tour Package.

Pacu Jawi is one of the greatest ways to experience an authentic spectacle of the Minangkabau (West Sumatra) people’s skilful sport on their home turf. The PACU JAWI COW RACING festival is known worldwide and attracts domestic and foreign tourists as well as photographers to witness the villager’s celebration.

Overland SUMATRA Travel Packages

Combined tours to discover all Sumatra Highlights (West Sumatra, North Sumatra, Aceh, Jambi etc)

Inland tour itinerary combined to explore from one to another province around Sumatra Island. Discover Padang West Sumatra, Medan North Sumatra, Kerinci Jambi, Pulau Weh Aceh, Bengkulu, Palembang etc.



For more detail info, please feel free and do NOT hesitate to contact us for any further info and discussions.

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