The Splendid 6 days Tours of NORTH SUMATRA Holiday Packages.

The Splendid 6 days 5 nights travel itinerary of NORTH Sumatra holiday packages with impressive bucket list of tour highlights. Our marvellous 6 days adventure travel package offers you with a lot more valuable references to easily gain remarkable experiences. And even more time to create extra leisure moments during your vacation in Indonesia.

LITE N EASY proudly offers you boundless trip possibilities to discover marvellous surroundings tourist attractions. Such as; (Istana) Maimoon Palace, Medan Grand Mosque (Masjid Raya AlMashun). the church Annai Vellangkanni and Asam Kumbang Crorodile Conservation.

More opportunities to explore magnificent interesting places with varieties of delightful things to do around Berastagi, Toba Lake – Samosir Island. Therefore conveniently to discover the most enchanting tourist attractions: Sumatran Orangutans in Bukit Lawang and Elephant at Tangkahan. Certainly, not at all to simply miss any other beautiful destinations to see while spending your worthy stay in Sumatra.

Impressive Tours – Authentic Itinerary Travel.

We pride ourselves in our safety and meticulous organisation – so that you can sit back, enjoy stress free holiday travel. Our unique and authentic tour trips around Sumatra are filled with high-quality experiences that are each hand-crafted by our local tour guides with great attention to detail.

All you have to do is let us know your preferences (interests and destinations). And we will do the rest!

Sumatra jungle trekking tours ORANGUTAN Bukit Lawang – BERASTAGI – TOBA Lake – 6 days NORTH Sumatera Holiday Package

TOUR CODE : LNE-NS-06-01 is a very laid back 6 days adventure vacation cultural tours NORTH Sumatra holiday Packages. Stay 2 nights in BUKIT LAWANG, 1n BERASTAGI and 2n around SAMOSIR Island. Discover 1 day ORANGUTAN Sumatra jungle trekking tours. Explore magnificent tourist attractions around MEDANBERASTAGI Karo Highland and Lake TOBA.


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ORANGUTAN jungle trek Sumatra – Bukit Lawang – Sibayak VOLCANO HIKING – Lake TOBA – 6 days NORTH Sumatera Package Tours

TOUR CODE : LNE-NS-06-02 is a tight holiday itinerary of 6 days adventure travel cultural NORTH Sumatra package tours. Stay 2 nights around BUKIT LAWANG – 1n BERASTAGI – 2n at TOBA Lake. Explore fascinating tourist highlights around MEDAN – Mount Sibayak VOLCANO Hiking – SAMOSIR Island – Discover ORANGUTAN jungle trek Sumatra 1 day trip.


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Sumatra ORANGUTAN ELEPHANT Tour Bukit Lawang Jungle Trekking – Tangkahan – TOBA Lake – 6 days NORTH Sumatera Vacation Package

TOUR CODE : LNE-NS-06-03 is a 6 days adventure travel combined NORTH Sumatra holiday package. Staying 3 nights in BUKIT LAWANG, 2n Samosir Island. Discover the most popular tourist attractions in Sumatra ORANGUTAN ELEPHANT tour. Explore interesting places around MEDAN1 day return trip to TANGKAHAN1 day Jungle Trek ORANG UTANBERASTAGI and TOBA Lake.


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Sumatra ORANGUTAN tour Bukit Lawang Jungle trek – ELEPHANT Tangkahan – Sunrise VOLCANO – TOBA Lake – 6 days NORTH Sumatera Package

TOUR CODE : LNE-NS-06-04 is an all in one 6 days adventure holiday NORTH Sumatra travel package. Stay 3 nights in BUKIT LAWANG1n BERASTAGI1n Samosir Island. Explore MEDAN – Sunrise Mount Sibayak VOLCANO CLIMBING – Return trip TANGKAHAN – TOBA Lake. Discover Sumatra ORANGUTAN tour 2 days 1 night jungle trek – ELEPHANT.


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