OrangUtan Jungle Trekking Tours Package

The Authentic Sumatran Orang Utans Jungle Trekking Bukit Lawang Tour Package

Many choices of jungle trek tour packages to meet your schedule during your holidays in Medan, North Sumatra Surroundings especially at Bukit Lawang. Whether your visit is too short or plenty spare time, you still have the chances to explore and discover the Sumatran Orang Utans and and other endemic in Gunung Leuser National Park Sumatra, Indonesia.

Half day Jungle Trekking ORANG UTAN SUMATRA Bukit Lawang Vacation Package

(Tour Code LNE-NS-OU-R)

  • Begins at 08h00 from Bukit Lawang
  • Ends at 11h30 in Bukit Lawang

One day ORANG UTAN SUMATRA Jungle Trek Bukit Lawang Travel Package

(Tour Code LNE-NS-OU-01)

Begins at 08h00 from Bukit Lawang – Ends at 15h30 in Bukit Lawang

2 days 1 night ORANG UTAN Bukit Lawang SUMATRA Jungle Holiday Package

(Tour Code LNE-NS-OU-02)

Begins at 08h300 from Bukit Lawang – Ends at 15h30 in Bukit Lawang

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