Half Day – Jungle Trek Sumatran ORANGUTAN

Half day Jungle Trekking ORANG UTAN SUMATRA Bukit Lawang Tour Package

(Tour Code LNE-NS-OU-R)

Begins at 08h00 from Bukit Lawang

Ends at 11h30 in Bukit Lawang



After having your proper breakfast and prepared for short jungle hike, the trip will start from any hotel or guest house you are staying around Bukit Lawang heading towards the entrance of Gunung Leuser National Park, Sumatra. On the way up to explore the jungle before reaching the entrance on top of hill, you will discover some kind of typical tropical plantations.

Later on, as soon as you pass the entrance of Gunung Leuser National Park, it is now time to pay a bit extra detail  attention to keep an eye onto any slight mystery movement from any branch of trees. Some endemic Sumatran animals might glimpse from the hidden branch of trees surround you.

There could be anyone of them;

Orang Utan, Long-tailed Macaque, Southern Pig-tailed Macaque, Squirrel, Thomas leaf monkey, Silver leaf monkey (Simpai/Lutung), Black Gibbon (Siamang), Hornbill, Asiatic soft shell turtle, Flying squirrel etc.  (Just for your note that there is no guarantee to see them, as they all are wild)

Proceed the hike to find some other more wildlife animals in the tropical jungle. Reaching the edge of Bukit Lawang hill which eventually lead you descending down to Bahorok river to continue countryside walk back to your hotel in Bukit Lawang as this would be end of you day trip.

For more detail info, please feel free and do NOT hesitate to contact us for any further info and discussions.

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