2 days – ORANG UTAN Jungle Trekking – Bukit Lawang

2 days 1 night ORANG UTAN SUMATRA Jungle Trekking Tour Package Bukit Lawang

(Tour Code LNE-NS-OU-02)

Begins at 09h00 from Bukit Lawang

Ends at 15h30 in Bukit Lawang

The 2 days 1 night in the jungle Orang Utan Trekking is one of the excellent choices to complete your experience in the Sumatra jungle especially for those who have a short period of visit to Sumatra.



DAY 1 – Cruising the jungle

Getting prepared after having your proper breakfast in the morning for 2 days 1 night jungle hike. The trip begins from any hotel or guest house you are staying around Bukit Lawang heading towards the entrance of Gunung Leuser National Park Sumatra. On the way up to explore further deeper in jungle, just before reaching the entrance of Gunung Leuser National Park, you will discover many kinds of typical tropical plantations.

Farther on, as soon as you pass the entrance on top of hill, while walking farther, be prepared to give high attentions on keeping an eye onto any slight cracking swings from any branch of trees around you. Some endemic Sumatran animals might pop up from the hidden branch of trees around you.

There could be anyone of them;

Orang Utan, Long-tailed Macaque, Southern Pig-tailed Macaque, Squirrel, Thomas leaf monkey, Silver leaf monkey (Simpai/Lutung), Black Gibbon (Siamang), Hornbill, Asiatic soft shell turtle, Flying squirrel etc.  (Just for your note that there is no guarantee to see them, as they all are wild)

Later on, proceed the hike farther to create more opportunities to find out the other wildlife animals in the tropical Sumatra jungle . After trekking in a while, it would be a good idea to for having some breaks and taking lunch in  the jungle with local foods served in a very simple style.

After gaining enough rest and energy, the trip shall proceed farther to discover more habitats in the jungle till we reach the edge of hill to descend down to Bahorok river.

It would be a fabulous stop at the Bahorok river bank to have some rest and relax while enjoying the lovely river flow with magnificent scenery before continuing farther into the hidden jungle paradise site. In the mean time, be prepared to remove your shoes, put on your short pant and pack up any valuable things into our dry bags as crossing the river will be the only option to move further across.

After crossing the river, we proceed the lovely walk on tiny trails along the riverside to the homestay (BACK TO NATURE LODGE) where you are going to stay overnight in the middle of the jungle. Check in your room as soon as reaching your homestay and enjoy some hot tea or coffee, or maybe tasty fresh fruit juice even cold beers while enjoying in the river in front of your room.


DAY 2 – Chill out in the jungle paradise and back to hotel in Bukit Lawang at noon.

The morning time would be completely more relaxing day. It is time to enjoy the true holidays with tranquilizing nature in the jungle of Gunung Leusser National Park Sumatra. Swim and dive into the cool water of Bahorok river. Have private Sunbath at river bank surrounded by the wilderness.

After enjoying the fabulous morning time, get ready to pack up your stuffs after lunch. Proceed heading back to your hotel by easy lovely tubing in Bahorok river stream and just let yourself float on your tubes, you need not  anything as our our skillful tubing team take control of the tubes naviations. You just need to enjoy the companions of magnificent scenery along the river side while downstream drift you back to your hotel in Bukit Lawang to end your trip with full FUNtastic memories of Sumatra wildnerness.

For more detail info, please feel free and do NOT hesitate to contact us for any further info and discussions.

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