WEST SUMATRA Vacation Tour  Package

Minangkabau Highland Holidays Travel Packages

Tour Packages to explore Minangkabau higland ; Bukittinggi, Maninjau Lake, Harau Valley, Rafflesia flower, beaches, volcanoes etc.

(Paket tour wisata Padang Bukittinggi Sumbar)

LITE ‘N’ EASY Tour operator West Sumatra (travel agent) provides some remarkable West Sumatra tour packages holiday trip around (Paket Tour Wisata SUMATERA BARAT) WEST SUMATERA. Therefore we will guide you to discover remarkable tourists attractions’ highlights in West Sumatra (SUMATERA BARAT) and travel through interesting places with many things to do and see in West Sumatra.

Options for WEST SUMATRA Travel Itinerary & Tour Packages (Paket Tour Wisata Padang Bukittinggi SUMATERA BARAT) :

1 day Tour – WEST SUMATRA Tour Package – Travel Itinerary

3 days 2 nights  – WEST SUMATRA Tour Package Travel itinerary

4 days 3 nights WEST SUMATRA Travel Itinerary Holiday packages

5 days 4 nights WEST SUMATRA Travel Itinerary Tor Packages

6 days 5 nights WEST SUMATRA Vacation Packages Travel Itinerary

7 days 6 nights WEST SUMATRA Tour Package Travel Itinerary

8 days 7 nights WEST SUMATRA Holiday Package Travel itinerary

9 days 8 nights WEST SUMATRA Vacation Pakcage Travel Itinerary

10 days 9 nights WEST SUMATRA Travel Package Travel Itinerary

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