SIBAYAK Volcano Climbing

Mount Sibayak Volcano Climbing Berastagi

Mount (Gunung) Sibayak (2100m) is one of the most popular volcanoes to climb in Indonesia as well as the most accessible volcanoes which is relatively easy lovely to climb and therefore has been a tourist attraction since long time ago.

Lovely Sibayak Volcano Hiking

The hike itself can be made within 4 to 5 hours hike in return to reach the summit of Gunung Sibayak where will end up with magnificent views of Berastagi town and the surrounding countryside on the summit.

Fun hiking to catch the sunrise in Berastagi

The climbing can be started at 4am (early morning) from your hotel in Berastagi in order to catch up the sunrise. If the weather seems not to be so friendly, then the climbing can be started later on, after having breakfast as everything depends on the weather conditions.

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