KING PURBA PALACE | Rumah Bolon Purba

The ancient traditional house of Batak Simalungun Pematang Purba

King Purba Palace (also known as Rumah Bolon Raja Purba) is one of the most famous tourist attractions around North Sumatra Tourism highlights. Situated 55 km (90 minutes drive) from Berastagi, around 1 hour drive from Sipiso piso waterfall and 2 hours’ drive from Parapat, Lake Toba.

king purba palace pematang purba simalungun
King Purba palace Pematang Purba Simalungun

The unique palace of King Purba Simalungun

Rumah Bolon Raja Purba is an old authentic traditional house of Simalungun tribe that that still exist in Simalungun region . The original designs of the long house and constructions architecture with ‘gorga’ carving ornaments are really impressive. It was built without any single nails, thatched roof top and the floor is around 1.5 m above the ground.

Rumah Bolon Raja Purba surroundings

The Rumah Bolon Raja Purba used to be the palace area of King Purba which was built in 1515. There are several buildings surrounding the palace which have its own specific function during the glory ruling time of the Kingdom.

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