MANINJAU LAKE | The tranquilizing Volcanic Caldera West Sumatra Indonesia

The enchanting (Danau) Maninjau Lake is a remarkable impressive volcanic crater which is one of fabulous interesting places in West Sumatra, Indonesia. In fact, it is such an inspiring scenic beauty scenery with magnificent peaceful surroundings and furthermore with mild climate. It is about 90minutes from Bukittinggi, 4hours from Padang (Minangkabau) Airport and nearly 3 hours from Harau Valley.

Maninjau Lake is a lot smaller than Volcanic Lake Toba

Most importantly, it is a lot smaller size compared to Lake Toba. The surrounding has plenty of its own charming sightseeing’s. Moreover the volcanic eruption occurred million years ago formed a caldera which has length about 16 km and a width around 8 km. It takes around 60km (3-4 hours) to explore driving around the volcanic crater with beautiful countryside ambiance.

Being around this Maninjau volcanic crater lake frequently drives you to such a laid back day moods. Such as; reading, fishing, and recovering your legs and muscles after having through a long journey. Especially it is best to escape from the crowds, to relax yourselves and rejuvenate from hustles, bustle of the cities.

danau maninjau lake west sumatra
Magnificent panorama Maninjau Volcanic Crater Lake – West Sumatra Indonesia

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