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Paragliding Puncak Lawang is the famous interesting thing to do and see while spending your holidays in West Sumatra Indonesia. In fact it is the worldwide well-known site and one of the best spots for professional Paragliding/Parasailing/Parachuting in Indonesia. Usually there will be a big event/festival from all around the world to participate in paragliding festival every summer.

FunTastic Paragliding/Parachutting experience flying above Maninjau Lake at Puncak Lawang WEST Sumatra Indonesia

It is around 1 hour drive from Bukittingi – 3 hours from Padang Minangkabau Airport and 30 minutes from Maninjau Lake. Above all, it is about 1200m absl, whereas the landing point Maninjau Lake is around 500m absl.

It will be such a FUNTastic experience to grab your chance and spice up your holidays with a slight adventure trip combination. Our talented pilots will guide and take you fly in the air as their tandems, of course with safety will be our main priority. Witness and experience the beauty of Maninjau Lake in the air which is surrounded with lush tropical jungle.

As it takes around 1 hour drive from Bukittinggi, this trip is ideally to start it in the morning, around 09h00. After that,our well-experienced pilots will shortly brief you technically on how to make this trip take off. Of course also about the smooth land in trick and easily enjoy your time whilst in the air.

paragliding puncak lawang maninjau lake west sumatra indonesia
paragliding puncak lawang maninjau lake west sumatra indonesia

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