HARAU VALLEY | West Sumatra

The enchanting ambiance of Harau Valley countryside.

Harau valley is the highlight of Sumatra tour destinations enriched with varieties of interesting places to see and do during holidays in Sumatra. As soon as reaching the entrance of the Harau Valley, you will be accompanied by spectacular beautifully steep granite and limestone cliffs as well as waterfalls along the way.

Harau valley Indonesia’s stunning natural jewels tourism.

The Harau Valley is one of Indonesia’s stunning natural jewels. Known locally as Lembah Harau, it is a designated nature conservation area that will instantly capture your heart with its fascinating wildlife and spectacular scenery.  This is a unique getaway day tour that will leave you with some everlasting special memories of your visit to West Sumatra.

Live life naturally

Black Gibbons, Long Tailed Macaques, Pig Tailed Macaques and some other varieties of wildlife are still roaming and roaring freely from one site to the other as this area has been designated as a national park. Orchid and other unique vegetation will be found along the trail in the jungle. This charming valley truly has a specific beautiful landscape, feeling of solace with peaceful serenity that only frequently disrupted by the calls of the macaques, gibbons, tweet of birds, etc.

Harau Valley Payakumbuh 50 Kota West Sumatra Indonesia
Harau Valley Payakumbuh 50 Kota West Sumatra Indonesia

Relaxing is one of the best time-elapsing activities here while settling down to write the unforgettable chapter of your journey with extraordinary experiences you have had during your wonderful time in Sumatra Indonesia.

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