(Jembatan) KELOK 9 Bridge

The magnificent 9 hairpin road with a giant Kelok 9 Bridge in the middle of the valley

Kelok 9 or Kelok Sembilan is a (9 hairpin) winding road that interconnecting road link between West, Central and the East Coast of Sumatra. Located about 30 km from Payakumbuh, 10 km from Harau Valley. The road has a sharp bend, bordering on a ravine, and flanked by two hills between two nature reserves: the White Water Nature Reserve and the Harau Nature Reserve.

The new overpass / flyover / bridge was built to replace over the old Kelok 9. The total length of the bridge and road built is 2,537 metres, consisting of 6 bridges with a length of 959 meters and a connecting road along 1,537 meters and has a width of 12.5 meters wide road. The first bridge spans have a length of 20 meters, a second span of 230 meters, and a third span 65 meters. The fourth span has a length of 462 meters. The fourth bridge span is a type of concrete arch bridge with a bore pile as deep as 20 meters to hold the bridge weight and the horizontal force of an earthquake. The fifth bridge spans a length of 31 meters and a sixth span of 156 meters.

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