The island of Sumatra tourism is a luring gateway to spectacular holiday travel destinations throughout Indonesia and Asia. This island offers countless authentic experiences with unforgettable regions and cultures which gives splendid memories during your holidays. Vacation in Sumatra will discover an array of fascinating places with varieties of things to do & see in Indonesia.

INTERESTING PLACES around Sumatra Tourism Island

The lovely nature with moderate climate all year and its fertile soil made Sumatra as the top Indonesia holiday destinations. Beautiful landscapes, typical endemic flora fauna, unique cultures, traditions, delicious foods and smiley warm people which inevitably make Sumatra as your truly holidays destinations in Indonesia & even in Asia.


Sumatra obviously is home to rich landscapes with dense tropical jungle, amazing lakes, waterfalls,  blustering volcanoes,  idyllic isles with deserted white sandy beaches which are scattered along Sumatra island that eventually spice up your sensational FUNtastic vacations travel around Indonesia, Asia.


Choices of FunTastic vacation tour packages around Sumatra with varieties of travel destinations. Our ( travel itinerary) tour trips around Sumatra are overflowing with unique, high-quality experiences that are hand-crafted by our Sumatra advice and tour guides teamwork with high attention to details.


Sumatra offers almost all kind of tourist attractions listed on your holiday bucket list. Fulfill the imaginations of your journey along with diversities of flora fauna, lush vegetations in the wilderness of dense tropical jungles, beautiful tropical panoramas, magnificent terraced rice fields with different dynamic landscapes, gigantic lakes, awesome waterfalls, peaks of numerous erected volcanoes, white sandy beaches on deserted islands, traditions (music, dance, folk arts),etc.

Easily explore INTERESTING THINGS to DO with beautiful places to SEE around SUMATRA Indonesia, such as;

– Firstly ACEH : Pulau Weh (Island) | Banda Aceh | Lhoknga Beach | Pulau Banyak (Island) | Orangutans Jungle trekking Ketambe.

– Secondly NORTH Sumatra : Medan | Orang Utan Jungle Trek Bukit Lawang Gunung Leusuer National Park | Sumatran Elephant Tangkahan | Mount Sibayak Volcano | Mount Sinabung Volcano | Berastagi karo Highland | Toba Lake Samosir Island | Surfing Nias Island.

– Thirdly WEST Sumatra : Bukittinggi | Rafflesia Arlnoldii Flower | Mount Marapi Volcano | Mount Talang Volcano | Padang | Harau Valley Payakumbuh | Maninjau Lake | Pacu Jawi Bull Race | Batusangkar | Istana Pagaruyung Palace – Minangkabau matrilineal highland | Twin Lake Tea Plantations | White sandy beaches | Mentawai Tribe | Siberut Surfing Island.

– Then JAMBI : Kersik Tuo | Kerinci Lake | Mount Kerinci Volcano | Mount Gunung Tujuh Lake | Tapan Highland Kerinci Seblat National Park | Orang Kubu (Orang Rimba / Suku Anak Dalam tribe.

– RIAU : Candi Muara Takus (the ancient Budhist Temple)

– BENGKULU : Rafflesia Arnoldii Flower.

– and SOUTH Sumatera Palembang Musi River | Pagar Alam tea Plantation | Mount Dempo Volcano etc.

– Finally LAMPUNG : Sumatran Rhinoceros in Way Kambas National Park.

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