The Royal Kingdom of Pagaruyung Palace Batusangkar (Tanah Datar) – West Sumatra

A lovely district very well known for its previous Pagaruyung Kingdom in Minangkabau highland, Batusangkar (Tanah Datar) located about 2 hours from Bukittinggi 3.5 hours drive from Padang downtown and 3 hours drive from Minangkabau International Airport – West Sumatra Indonesia.

Discover TOURIST ATTRACTIONS around Batusangkar (Tanah Datar) ;

  • Pagaruyung Palace.
  • Rumah Tuo Kampai Nan Panjang (Balimbiang village).
  • Panorama Tabek Patah.
  • Pandai Sikek (hand weaving and wood carving village)
  • Panorama Pariangan.
  • Singkarak Lake, etc.


Incredibly a very unique Pagaruyung Palace (Istano Basa Pagaruyuang) is the most famous tourist attraction in West Sumatra. The royal palace of the former Pagaruyung Kingdom located in Batusangkar town (Tanah Datar).

Pagaruyung Palace is locally called as Rumah Gadang. It has three stories, 72 pillars with typical shape of a horn-like curved roof top made from the black thatch fibres of palm sugar tree. The entire wall of the palace is fully handcarved with typical Minangkabau designs.

Rumah Tuo Kampai Nan Panjang (BALIMBING VILLAGE)

An authentic Minangkabau house built without nails.

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