BERASTAGI – Karo Highland – NORTH Sumatra

The Enchanting Vulcanic highland of Karo.

A thriving agricultural Berastagi town (1.300m asbsl) located in between  two volcanoes of Gunung Sinabung and Gunung Sibayak is really famous for its fruits, vegetables and flowers. Besides that, the cultural town of Berastagi also offers unique culture with traditional villages that still conserve their interesting houses with horned roofs located especially at Dokan and Lingga village. On top of that, the immense crater of Gunung Sibayak volcano has become very popular for its lovely trails to hike up to reach the top and enjoy the sunrise.

Discover INTERESTING PLACES around Berastagi – Karo Highland | North Sumatra Tourism.

  • Gundaling hill.
  • Lumbini Budhist temple park.
  • Sibayak volcano climbing.
  • Hot spring.
  • Dokan & Lingga traditional Karo villages.
  • Berastagi Fruit Market.
  • Rumah Bolon (Simalungun King).
  • Sipisopiso waterfall etc.

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