ELEPHANT Tangkahan – NORTH Sumatra

A very laid back area to blend in nature.

Tangkahan tourism is very well-known with its Elephant rehabilitation sanctuary, jungle trekking and also river tubing as it is located along the Kuala Buluh river next to the thick dense rain-forest. Therefore this makes Tangkahan as a perfect place to lay back in rural areas around Sumatra especially grabbing your chance to spend some time to interact with Elephants and calves; like washing the elephants in the river and riding elephant to explore the jungle environment with dedicated mahouts.

Explore the Paradise of Tangkahan | North Sumatra Tourism.

Tangkahan is a lovely tiny rural remote paradise area located in the border of Gunung Leuser National Park. It takes around 4 hours drive from Medan downtown or 5 hours from Medan Kuala Namu international airport to reach Tangkahan and 2.5 hours driver from Bukit Lawang driving on a bumpy adventure road through Palm oil plantations and rural villages.

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