MANINJAU Lake – WEST Sumatra

The most fascinating caldera Sumatra holiday destinations.

Maninjau Lake is one of the top holiday travel destinations in Sumatra. Situated about 4 hours drive from Padang downtown and 3.5 hours drive from Minangkabau International Airport – West Sumatra Sumatra. The splendid Maninjau Lake is elevated around 450 m absl and one of the calmest interesting holidays places to visit in West Sumatra highlights, Indonesia.

Discover INTERESTING PLACES to SEE and DO around MANINJAU Lake ;

  • The lovely beach of Maninjau Lake.
  • The hairpin road Kelok 44.
  • Puncak Lawang.
  • Paragliding.
  • Jungle Trekking.


Maninjau crater is a remarkable tourist attractions in West Sumatra with inspiring scenic beauty scenery, peaceful surrounds, mild climate. To be around Maninjau Lake certainly encourages lazy days of reading, fishing, and recovering leg muscles after a long journey. Especially to escape from the crowds and get yourselves relaxed and rejuvenated from hustles, bustle of the cities.

Lake Maninjau is obviously a lot smaller size compared to Lake Toba. The surrounding has plenty of its own charm. The caldera was formed by a volcanic eruption and has a length about 16 km and a width around 8 km. It takes around 50km (3 hours) to explore driving around the lake with beautiful countryside surroundings.


A visit to West Sumatra, especially to Maninjau Lake is not complete without visiting “Puncak Lawang” (Lawang Top). The breath-taking scenic view is far beyond any description of words and is one of the most popular holiday destination in West Sumatra.

The highest peak around Lake Maninjau is known as Puncak Lawang with altitude around 1,200m absl. The view from Puncak Lawang overlooking the whole lake and its surrounding area is incredibly spectacular, especially accompanied with breeze while enjoying the exotic panoramic view of Maninjau Lake with a cup of hot drinks.

LAWANG Village

An agricultural village well known for its sugar cane, peanuts and pumpkin. You might see and experience bumping into some farmers that produce traditional sugar brown with a blind-fold buffalo used as their machine to squeeze the juice of sugar can and boiled the sugan juice in big stoves into yummy brown sugar.

KELOK 44 (Hairpin road)

The scenic road that descends to the lake from Ambun Pagi village with beautiful scenery along the famous Kelok 44 hairpin/turns roads and possibly enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while enjoying the scenic view of Maninjau Lake on the half way downhill section of road towards the surface of Lake Maninjau.


Puncak Lawang is also a worldwide well known site for professional paragliding. It is one of the best spots in Indonesia for Paragliding / Parasailing. Anyone who is interested in trying, even for beginner can easily give a try as there are many professional pilot/instructors that will be your tandem and safely take you fly above the Maninjau Lake.

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