Samosir Island – TOBA Lake – NORTH Sumatra

The absolute picturesque of Sumatera Caldera.

The cool climate of picturesque Samosir Island – Lake Toba (900 m absl) situated on Batak highland become one of most popular highlights to travel around North Sumatra. The cultural tourism island of Samosir – Lake Toba certainly offers authentic culture as well as traditional villages with their interesting horned roofs houses that can be easily found around the lake.

Explore TOURIST ATTRACTIONS around Samosir Island – Toba Lake | North Sumatra Tourism.

As you move around North Sumatra, one of premium attractions here is Lake Toba, which has the claim to fame of being the largest crater lake in the world, having been formed by a massive eruption. of a dormant volcano. Lake Toba is known for being the home of the Batak, one of the main indigenous groups in Sumatra. Many old tombs of Batak kings as well as traditional Batak style houses can still easily be found around Lake Toba.

  • Ambarita village.
  • Tomok Village.
  • Simanindo village.
  • Panorama Simarjarunjung.
  • Efratar Waterfall.
  • Tele tower.
  • Parapat pier etc

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