Elephant Washing Sumatra Tangkahan | NORTH Sumatra Tour Highlights

Besides riding, elephant washing Sumatra Tangkahan is also another great opportunity to experience during your holidays in NORTH Sumatra, Indonesia. It is such a lovely experience to get in touch with its splendid sensational feeling of Sumatra elephant’s behaviour & body.

Eventually you will experience how to bathe the elephants and calves while observing their fascinating behaviour. Also its rough skin, giant body, tough legs, big feet, strong tusks etc.

Certainly it will be such a splendid holiday combination to visit Tangkahan village after experiencing the lovely Sumatran Orangutans in Bukit Lawang. It takes around 3 (three) hours drive to reach Tangkahan village situated in Langkat Regency from Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra that drives through the palm oil trails. it takes around 5 hours drive Medan City or Kuala Namu International Airport.

Fun Experience of Elephant Washing Sumatra Tangkahan

The mahouts will instruct the elephants to get themselves immersed in the river and will give some scrubbing brushes to you. By then you start having fun bathing the real Sumatran Elephants. Spending time at Tangkahan would certainly be a worth unforgettable experience!

After enjoying washing the elephants, it is to return to Bukit Lawang which takes roughly 3 hours drive on bumpy road trhough huge palm oil plantations.

Elephant washing Tangkahan – Indonesia Highlights

The elephant washing (bathing) schedule is everyday.

It is available everyday, except on Friday.

9 am (morning / 09h00) morning session.

4 pm (noon / 16h00) noon session.

Please feel free and do NOT hesitate to contact us for any further info, discussions and inquiries.

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