RUMAH GADANG Sungai Baringin

The gorgeous traditional house of Minangkabau in Payakumbuh A lovely traditional Minangkabau big house located at Sungai Baringin village. The house is well kept and managed properly. The building is fully hand carved in and out with Minangkabau carving designs. It will be fascinating to visit this house as It…

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Pasar Bawah Market

Pasar Bawah Bukit Tinggi Traditional Market West Sumatra

Explore traditional wet market Pasar Atas and Pasar Bawah in Bukittinggi It is a good chance to explore and experience the local ambiance in the traditional market. There are two major markets; Pasar Atas located behind the clock tower. And Pasar Bawah (wet market) is situated down the hill of…

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TARUKO Village Sianok Canyon

Taruko Village Sianok Canyon – The hidden Paradise in Bukittinggi city Strategically situated at the bottom of the Sianok Canyon has made Taruko Resort as one of the best spot to chill out with the nature surrounding. No word can really describe about this resort, especially with its nature atmosphere,…

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Elephant Washing Sumatra Tangkahan | NORTH Sumatra Tour Highlights

Besides riding, elephant washing Sumatra Tangkahan is also another great opportunity to experience during your holidays in NORTH Sumatra, Indonesia. It is such a lovely experience to get in touch with its splendid sensational feeling of Sumatra elephant’s behaviour & body. Eventually you will experience how to bathe the elephants…

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PAGARUYUNG Palace | Minangkabau

Istana Pagaruyung Palace Minangkabau culture Batusangkar Tanah Datar West Sumatra

The Royal Palace Pagaruyung Minangkabau Culture Pagaruyung Palace is locally called as Rumah Gadang. It has three stories, 72 pillars with typical shape of a horn-like curved roof top made from the black thatch fibres of palm sugar tree. The entire wall of the palace is fully handcarved with typical…

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